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A good advice

20 junio, 2013, Comentarios desactivados

Ejercicio en clase de Inglés. Libro de texto: English plus + 4 ESO. Ben Wetz (Oxford) página 74. ejercicio 4 de Opinión. 


Has anyone ever given you any good advice? Who? What was it?


-         Yes, my mum always gives me some important advice. The most important for me was this “think twice before accepting a proposal”

-         my friend told me not to be stressed about things and take life a bit easier

-         Yes, my mother said “ believe in yourself!”

-         Yes, my best friend told me “you can´t be sad for those little things with your family. Always be happy. Life will be better if you feel good”

-         My best friend said to me “be yourself”

-         My best friend told me “never surrender”

-         Yes, my father told me “always tell the truth”


[Compartido por el profesor de Inglés de 4º de ESO]

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